Each Scout group are a Charity and manage their own finances. All groups have to pay an annual membership fee to the Scout Association per scout as well as managing their own costs for accommodation, utilities, rent, badges, insurance, equipment etc etc.In order to cover these costs scouts charge subscription fees per scout and these vary from group to group.

At 1st Walton we charge the same subscription fees regardless of the section the scout attends as we expect all of our Squirrels and Beavers today to progress to Scouts and beyond.

Our Subscriptions are cyrrently £150 per year or £50 per term if paid direct into our bank account. A great deal of our Treasurer’s time is spent chasing outstanding subs, so we are looking to split this area off and move our Subs to OSM instead and to charge termly. This will allow you to pay in the same way as you would for camps or activities.

Paying in this way incurs processing fees, both by OSM as well as GoCardless, so in OSM, the figures will actually be £51.50 per term (Charged on the1st April, 1st September and 1st January,)

If you wanted to pay annually, then this would need to be done via standing order on the 1st April.

Our Subscription secretary will be Cara Carter.