Family Camp and our 111th Birthday Celebrations 2019

Hi All

We are holding our Family Camp at Paxmead Riverside base between Shepperton and Chertsey between the 14th and 16th June this year. There are many ways for you to join in. The best way is to come and camp with us on the beautiful lawns of Paxmead. The camp is open to all our families and is a great opportunity to spend time together messing around on the river. We have tents if you would like to camp, but don’t have the gear …

If you can’t camp for whatever reason, then join us on Saturday for a day of activities. We will be kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling and also doing powerboating. We will also have games on the grass including our notorious game of wet rounders ….

On the Saturday night is our Birthday Celebration. This is a separate event to the camp and you will need a ticket to attend. We will be having a spit roast as well as (hopefully) live music. There will also be a bar running where we hope to serve a “Viking Eleventy-First Celebration Ale” on tap! The birthday celebrations are due to run from 6:30 and finish at 11 so everyone can get a good night’s sleep for the activities on Sunday.

On Sunday we usually have a few more paddling sessions while we clear up Paxmead and get as much gear as possible back to the HQ. After a quick lunch on the lawn, we will start the Viking Horde. We climb into the boats and take a nice casual paddle downstream, through Shepperton lock and back to the HQ. It usually takes around 2 hours as we go at a very easy pace, allowing everyone to keep up. We also have the powerboats with us to help if anyone gets tired.

Paxmead is a fairly expensive place to stay in comparison to other camp sites, however the facilities and location bring us back year after year.  Costs per person for the weekend are as follows:

  • Full camp (Friday night to Sunday Afternoon) is £35
  • Saturday and Sunday (just Saturday night) is £25
  • A Day Visitor on Saturday (including Lunch) is £10

None of the above include Saturday supper as we have the Spit roast.

The Spit roast tickets are £15 per person and we will have 2 types of roast meat or veg, Salads and rolls. There will be a cash bar available and water will be freely available.

Spaces are limited due to a set number we can take on the river at once, so please let us know ASAP whether you are camping and how many Birthday Party tickets you would like. There is an online form here:

See you there


Viking Family Camp organisers