We are planning a number of opportunities for our scouts to get sailing this year.

Winter Sailing Programme

Staring 8 Feb, we have our Winter sailing programme until Easter. These are Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00

The purpose of this sessions is two fold

1)    for Scouts / Explorers to consolidate current sailing skills and work towards their next stage.

2)    To get all our sailing boats out and check they can all be fully rigged and used at the same time. i.e. 4 RS Visions, 4 laser 2s and 12 picos

Given this is winter we will be monitoring the weather closely and provide a go / no go message the day before.

Your scout will need a full length wet-suit.


Tuesday evening sailing

From 21 April, we sail between 18:30 and 21:00 at Island Barn along with Jaguar Sea Scouts.



Thursday Evening Boating




Any queries please email me at giles@waltonviking.org.uk


Island barn Reservoir Sailing Club

Link to map of Island Barn location

What if the weather is too bad to sail?

We may have no option but to phone and ask parents to return and collect their scout early. Please make sure you write a contact phone number on the white board in the container. To try and avoid getting into this situation, a “no go” email will be sent on the evening before the training if we need to cancel.

What to bring?

Please make sure your Scout brings a pack lunch, snacks and drink bottle.

What to wear?

At this time of year full length wet-suit or dry suit is compulsory. We strongly recommend warm sailing gloves and ideally neoprene (ankle length) sailing boots. No heavy trainers. If you do not have this please let me know. In addition, layers i.e. one or two thermal vests. Shorts or thin polyester jogging bottoms. Polyester tee-shirt or football/rugby top. Synthetic fleece. (No cottons or thick track suits as they absorb water get heavy and will not dry.) Waterproofs (tops and bottoms) are vital to keep off the spray AND to act as a wind cheat: even in summer, sailing can be cold. Change of clothes to go home in.

Scouts not suitably clothed WILL BE SENT HOME. In particular they MUST BRING a wetsuit, waterproof tops and bottoms even if it is not going to rain. We want warm happy Scouts even if it’s cold and wet.

What to study?

Excellent books to help your scout understand the fundamentals and theory of sailing are “RYA Go Sailing – A practical handbook for young people (G32)” and “RYA Go Sailing! Activity Book (G45)”.

The details of what your scout will need to demonstrate they can do to pass the Stage is set out in the Youth Sailing Scheme Syllabus & Log book (G11) .